Kebler Pass 001a
" He has the uncanny ability to see design issues from multiple angles, understanding the intent of the applicant, the Starwood rules and regulations, and concerns of the neighbors simultaneously; and with that understanding then helps us to find practical solutions which all parties can agree to. "
" Not only is Mark a seasoned valley architect with solid experience and insight into this complex profession, but we have found him to be wonderful with communicating, sorting through the nuances of the many concerns that surface along the way and resolving issues as they arise. "
" In the nearly ten years I've known Mark, I' have never heard in my professional community, anything negative about Mark. He has a reputation for being firm but fair and consistent, I sincerely hope that I will be working in Starwood for decades to come and I will be working with your most effective asset to Starwood -- Mark Noel "
" He responded to all of my questions and concerns quickly and thoughtfully. Shortly after our initial phone call, he walked the subject property and responded to me with his comments on the neighboring homes and what their concerns may be. He approached the project from every angle and took all parties into consideration."