Architectural Advisement

In addition to being a talented Architect, Mark is a skilled Architectural Advisor. 

He has worked at Starwood in Aspen as the Architectural Advisor for the past 11 years.  At Starwood he personally authored and maintains the current Starwood Architectural Procedures as well as overseeing all architectural aspects in the community.

With his varied experience in the Roaring Fork Valley, he is aware of the requirements for compliance and the rules, regulations, and codes that pertain to development in this area. He is accustomed to a variety of opinions and positions of constituents and excels at developing solutions that satisfy all parties.

“My goal in every job is to listen carefully and respectfully and to work towards a positive conclusion for all. Having worked with the Starwood Architectural Committee and the Starwood Homeowners Association since 2008 I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon regarding issues of HOA precedents and politics, neighbor to neighbor negotiations, local code compliance, and regulations. I strive with every project in Starwood to create win/win solutions” Mark Noel